Here is a list of questions we get at on a regular basis at Fred and Betty's. Don't see yours? Give us a call or come visit us and inquire with a friendly staff memeber! 







Do you offer consignment or exchange? 

At this time we are donation based and do not offer consignment or exchange. 


Is my donation tax deductible?  

Yes! When you come in to donate a staff member will offer you a signed donation receipt. You will then fill out the estimated value of your items to use for a tax deduction!


What is done with items that don't sell? 

Anything that we don't sell in the store is either re-donated to other charities or recycled. 


Where do your proceeds go? 

All of our proceeds go to the San Luis Obispo Classical Academy and High School.


Do you take volunteers? 

We currently take volunteers who are directly connected to the SLO Classical Academy, such as a parent or grandparent, and teachers. If you are not connected to the school but are interested in volunteering, you may email fredandbettys@sloclassical.org to set up an interview.


Who are Fred and Betty? 

Fred and Betty Campbell are the owners of our building and location. Our lot has been in the Campbell family for many years. When Fred and Betty decided to retire they helped us get into the thirft store business and have been a source of wisdom ever since. Naming the store after them was our way of honoring them and saying thank you for their continued support. 


How are you changing the world? 

We are changing the world by helping to support the SLO Classical Academy educate young thinkers and future leaders! We also strive to be an example of sustainable shopping. 


How do I find out about upcoming sales?

Follow us on Instagram @fredandbettys. You may also view our current online listings at Depop.

What donations do you accept?

At Fred and Betty's we accept all kinds of donations from gently used clothing to furniture to small household appliances. Click on the Donate tab to get some ideas of what we need! 

What donations do you NOT accept? 

We cannot accept toys, televisions or screens of any kind, mattresses or anything broken, dirty or of inappropriate content. 

Why don't you sell toys?

We can't! It is illegal to resell toys without the proper warning labels and packaging. Whether its made with lead based paint, or could be a choking hazard, it's not safe for your kids and it's not safe for our business! 

How do I donate? 

Come on down! We will gladly accept your donations between 11am and 4pm from Monday to Saturday. Our donation door is located at the back of our parking lot. 

Do you offer donation pick up? 

Yes, but only large furniture donations. We occasionally assist with storage clean outs for a charge. To find out more about our pick up service or to schedule a pick up please email our manager at fredandbettys@sloclassical.org.